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The management of public funds is more closely scrutinized than any other non-public organization, therefore great care is required in assessing and addressing risks on multiple levels to ensure due diligence in minimizing risk exposure.  Our assistance will combine the following steps to achieve the portfolio objectives:

     Conservatively estimate cash flows and minimum cash balances

     Actively manage the portfolio to achieve investment policy objectives

     Strategically diversify maturity and investment mix

     Timely and regular market interaction to smooth portfolio performance

     Appropriately maintain cash equivalent investment type positions

     Strictly adhere to the prohibition on speculative portfolio trading

Public funds require a different approach and additional responsibility to adequately judge appropriate risk/return opportunities.  Governments have many essential functions to effectively service their citizens.  Investing is sometimes considered a secondary activity.  Our services ensures the level of attention and commitment to effectively manage public funds.  We believe in the following:

Safety of Principal

Maintenance of Sufficient Liquidity

Diversification of the Investment Portfolio

Reasonable and Competitive Yield

Investment Approach: