Reviewing Custodial and Safekeeping Agreements:

Properly established custodial and safekeeping agreements are essential to safely and effectively manage public funds.  Valley View's dedicated focus involves extensive experience in opening and maintaining acceptable custodian and safekeeping accounts.

Managing Broker/Dealer Relationships:

A competitive investment environment rewards the government with effective market access.  Multiple, competent broker/dealers provide accurate market information and locate specific securities for strategy implementation.  Valley View will assist in establishing review, solicitation, and monitoring procedures to create a competitive environment.

Additional Services:

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Primary Depository Bank Solicitation:

Valley View will assist in soliciting for primary depository bank services by:

  • Reviewing the current banking arrangement and service needs
  • Considering account structures, new services and cost-saving options
  • Developing the solicitation process
  • Analyzing service proposals
  • Assisting with selection confirmation and service implementation