M. Teresa Mendoza

  • Extensive background in Accounting & Finance (since 2007)
  • Government experience since 2010.

Richard G. Long, Jr. (Manager)

  • Manager, Valley View Consulting, L.L.C.
  • Founded Valley View as an SEC registered advisory firm in 1999
  • Investment industry since 1981
  • Public Funds Continuing Education Instructor for the University of North Texas

Susan K. Anderson

  • Investing Public Funds since 1981
  • Former City of Austin Treasurer & Investment Officer
  • Served as Chief Investment Officer for State of Texas
  • Former Investment Manager - The PFM Group
  • Public Funds Continuing Education Instructor for the University of North Texas

Dedicated Team:

Johnny L. Phifer

  • Retired Director of Finance, City of Keller
  • Over thirty years public-sector experience
  • Investing public funds since 1985
  • Prior experience includes financial and budget administration, financial reporting, and debt and treasury management.

Thomas H. Ross

  • Retired Director of Administrative Services, City of Bedford, Texas
  • Over seventeen years public-sector experience
  • Lengthy corporate finance and accounting career

E.K. Hufstedler, III

  • Former Regional President for Prosperity Bank
  • Banking industry since 1982
  • Depository banking service experience

Corrine Steeger

  • Forty years Government Entity cash and treasury management
  • Former City of Dallas Treasurer
  • University of North Texas – Center for Public Management staff

Ben F. Day

  • Investment markets since 1984
  • Diversified background in sales and trading
  • Extensive client based risk/return analysis experience

Emily A. Upshaw, C.P.A.

  • Background in accounting, client service and facilitating transactions
  • Experience in market analysis, trading and fund management
  • Certified Public Accountant

William J. Koch (retired with limited availability)

  • Public-sector consulting since 1990
  • Over forty years financial management experience
  • Management positions in Fortune 500 companies

Back Row:  Emily A. Upshaw, Johnny L. Phifer, E.K. Hufstedler, William J. Koch (retired), Ben F. Day.

Front Row:  Thomas H. Ross, Corrine Steeger, Susan A. Anderson, Julie S. Gerhardt, Richard G. Long, Jr. (not pictured: Tim Pinon and Teresa Mendoza).

Julie S. Gerhardt

  • Investment industry since 1993
  • Responsible for administration and organizational issues
  • Experience in customer support and reporting issues

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Timothy D. Pinon

  • Banking industry since 1987
  • Government banking relationship manager
  • Depository banking service experience